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The First Web3 Telco & Finance SuperApp

Introducing the world’s first web3 telecommunication SuperApp for all your commerce and life interactions. With EMG, take control of your life effortlessly using just the palm of your hand.

Launch phase scope

New Software Products & Services

Explore our extensive portfolio of products and services, all available
now and continuously updated with new features and improvements.

Video Calling

Connect with your family, friends, and colleagues from anywhere using our user-friendly video calling app or desktop service. Experience crystal-clear video quality and immerse yourself in every conversation without ever leaving your home.

Always stay connected

Access exclusive features and services within the EMG SuperApp by holding the EMG Coin.

Send Crypto During Your Calls

Upgrade your calls with the power of crypto! With our innovative solution, you can now send cryptocurrencies during any call — make every moment count.

Keep secure connections

All calls are encrypted to ensure your privacy is never compromised.

Bring everyone closer together

Make video calls stress-free with our technology that supports both low-bandwidth and high-bandwidth networks.


Take advantage of the EMG SuperApp by using the EMG Coin utility token. By holding EMG Coins, you can access premium features and services and gain additional benefits within the ecosystem.

Furthermore, the tokens can incentivize users to engage with the platform. As a utility token, EMG Coin holders can expect to enjoy more advantages within the SuperApp ecosystem. Join now and see the benefits for yourself.

Unlock premium benefits

Access exclusive features and services within the EMG SuperApp by holding the EMG Coin.

Incentivize engagement

The EMG Coin also provides an incentive for users to engage with the platform.

Increased ecosystem value

Get greater utility out of your token as you interact with different teams throughout the SuperApp ecosystem.

Added protection

Be sure that all transactions are secure through blockchain technology and a decentralized architecture provided by EMG Coin.

Emeldi Commerce

Our platform is equipped with advanced tools that help businesses manage their sales and customer support across all channels. It can track sales, product prices, and eligibility rules for customers. Plus, it’s adaptable to different business needs, allowing for faster sales.

Advanced tools to
manage sales

Get an edge on your business with CRM, efficient and sustainable Smart City IoT 5G with 360 Emeldi Commerce CRM mechanism, and order management.

Adaptable to business needs

Our platform is flexible and scalable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific business needs.

Faster sales

Automate mundane tasks, simplify workflows, and speed up time-to-market.

Automate workflows

Create automated workflows that ensure quick order processing along with accurate invoicing.


With our system, businesses can manage both physical products and digital services in a single platform. This significantly reduces the time required to introduce new products, services, and campaigns.

One-stop shop

Get everything you need with our comprehensive enterprise product catalogue.

SuperVerse Discovery

Join us in our immersive 3D virtual worlds to explore and connect with people from around the globe.

Enhance social connections

Create meaningful relationships with others throughout your journey through the virtual worlds.

Explore the unknown

Our team constantly develops new experiences for users to discover at their own pace.

NFT Marketplace

EMG NFT Marketplace is revolutionizing digital art sales with its unique platform for renowned contemporary artists. Not only does it offer a place to sell and purchase digital artwork, but it also provides a forum for discussion and debate on topics near and dear to the hearts of art enthusiasts.

Our marketplace features some of the most sought-after contemporary artists in the field, including Jamie Robinson, Keith Sargent, and Lindsay Seers. Explore our selection today and discover the future of digital art sales.

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Revolutionize digital art sales

Showcase your artwork and unlock its potential. Our platform offers contemporary artists the perfect place to sell and purchase digital artwork.

Established artists

Discover the work of some of the most renowned contemporary artists in the field.

Unique platform

Explore a wide range of digital artwork from a variety of established contemporary artists.

Secure transactions

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your money is protected while you shop for artwork that speaks to you.

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EMG Super App

The First Web3 Telco Super App

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